“Wonder Woman Actress Gal Gadot Contemplates Quitting Hollywood for Israel Due to Persistent Rejection”

Gal Gadot rose to fame when she landed the role of Wonder Woman in the 2016 movie, earning international recognition. It may come as a surprise, but the talented actress almost gave up on her acting career before experiencing mainstream success. In a recent interview with Glamour magazine, Gadot shared that she had considered moving back to Israel from Los Angeles before her big break. The 32-year-old actress also has two children with her husband, Yaron Versano.

Candid confession: While Gal Gadot's name is hot on everyone's lips, she has surprisingly confessed that before her mainstream success she was close to walking away from acting altogether

To be honest, Gal Gadot has made a surprising admission amidst all the buzz surrounding her name. Despite her current mainstream success, the talented actress actually considered quitting acting altogether before making it big. However, Gal’s star is still on the rise and she is currently preparing for the upcoming release of her new film Justice League on November 17. Her status as an A-lister is evident in her latest photoshoot for Glamour, in which she looks stunning in revealing, sequined outfits. While Gal is now enjoying the financial security that comes with her glamorous career, she recently revealed in an interview that this wasn’t always the case. The former Miss Israel 2004 shared that she had a tough time before landing her role in Wonder Woman, and even thought about giving up on Hollywood and returning to Israel to pursue a different career path.

Nearly over: The talented actress, 32 - who share two children with husband Yaron Versano - also admitted to Glamour magazine that before hitting the big time was thinking about packing up her belongings in Los Angeles to head back home to her native Israel

Coming to an end: Gal Gadot, a gifted 32-year-old actress who has two children with her spouse Yaron Versano, disclosed to Glamour magazine that she once considered returning to her homeland of Israel before achieving her breakthrough success in Hollywood.

Hard work paid off! Gal has since soared to international recognition after bagging the role of iconic comic book character, Wonder Woman, for the big screen in 2016 - with co-stars Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill

Gal’s efforts have reaped rewards as she has achieved worldwide fame after being cast as the legendary superheroine, Wonder Woman, in the 2016 film. She shared the screen with renowned actors such as Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill.

The famous actor discussed the harsh realities of the acting industry, revealing that the constant rejection can take a toll on one’s mental and emotional state. Despite receiving callbacks and positive feedback during auditions, it often leads to disappointment when not receiving the desired role. After experiencing numerous setbacks, Gal expressed her weariness towards this process and decided to make a change. Being a mother and wife further added to the pressure of seeking work opportunities and relocating.

'There were so many no's!' Gal received it was the constant rejection, coupled with broken promises and hopes, that had her contemplating moving back to Israel 

Gal was feeling overwhelmed by the numerous rejections she had faced. The constant disappointment had shattered her dreams and left her considering a return to Israel.

'Taking them to LA was a lot of pressure': As a mother to Alma, six, six-month-old daughter Mya, and wife to her husband Yaron Versano, who she married in 2008, Gal didn't have just herself to think of

The responsibility of taking her two daughters Alma and six-month-old Mya, along with being a wife to Yaron Versano, whom she married in 2008, to Los Angeles was quite overwhelming for Gal. It was not just about her anymore, and she began to question herself, wondering if she was good enough. However, fate brought her the role of Wonder Woman, which gave her a boost of confidence. Gal is a multifaceted woman who once aspired to be a lawyer before embarking on her modeling, pageantry, and acting journey. She now looks back and is grateful that her legal career did not unfold as planned. She convinced herself that by becoming a lawyer, she could bring peace and help people achieve common ground.

'I would be the sh***iest lawyer': Clearly a beauty with brains, Gal was studying law before her modelling, pageantry (pictured) and acting endeavours took over - but admitted she was glad the career path didn't take off 

“I would make a terrible lawyer”: Gal, who is known for her stunning looks and intelligence, originally pursued a career in law before delving into the worlds of modeling, pageantry (as seen in the photo), and acting. She confessed that she was relieved that her legal career didn’t take off.

Upcoming: Gal she is currently gearing up for the release of her new movie Justice League on November 17

Soon to come: Gal is presently preparing for the debut of her latest flick, Justice League, hitting theaters on November 17th.

In contrast to the legal profession, which involves handling disputes on a regular basis, conflicts are not something that appeal to me. Personally, I prefer to promote harmony and inner peace, as opposed to engaging in arguments. If I had pursued a career as a lawyer, I don’t believe I would have been very successful due to my distaste for conflict. Despite briefly contemplating leaving Los Angeles, I am now happily living there with my family – my six-year-old daughter Alma, my six-month-old daughter Mya, and my husband Yaron Versano. To learn more about my life and work, check out the December edition of British Glamour, available from Monday 30th October.

Don't miss it! See Gal's full photoshoot in the December issue of British Glamour, out Monday 30th October

Make sure you check it out! The complete photo session of Gal can be found in the December edition of British Glamour which will be released on Monday, October 30th.

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