Robin, the last survivor rescued from a meat farm, hesitates to step out of his kennel, bearing scars from his past that reflect the lasting effects of his previous life.


Robin was the final of 50 dogs who were saved from a dog abattoir and meat farm in Yongin, South Korea.

He didn’t realise it at the time, but the moment he broke free and took his first steps out of his cage, his whole life changed. It’s unfortunate that dog meat is still traded in some parts of the world.

All innocent animals who are mistreated by humans should be treated with compassion and respect.

“We collaborated with South Korean animal rights organisations on this rescue to prevent all 50 dogs from being euthanized after the facility was closed down by authorities.”


The dogs were found in sterile metal cages with no water or food.Working with local authorities, Humane Society International/Korea, LIFE, Korean K9 Rescue, and Yongin Animal Care Association moved in to assist save all of the dogs.

The Taepyeong dog abattoir, South Korea’s largest, was closed down in 2018, while the Gupo dog meat market in Busan was closed down in 2019.

Seoul’s mayor declared the city’s capital ‘dog slaughter free’ in October 2020, while the country’s supreme court ruled a year earlier in 2019 that a dog farmer who electrocuted pups was in violation of the Animal Protection Act.

The decision might have far-reaching consequences for an industry that relies nearly solely on electrocution as a means of execution.

Thank you for your assistance, member organisations!”

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