“Star-Studded Front Row: Prada’s Latest Women’s Collection Unveiled at Milan Fashion Week with A-Listers Scarlett Johansson, Emma Watson, and Sofia Richie”

Italy’s fashion capital witnessed the gathering of prominent figures from the film and fashion industry as Prada presented its latest collection during Milan Fashion Week. A-list celebrities such as Scarlett Johansson, Emma Watson, and Sofia Richie were among the early arrivals at Fondazione Prada where the luxury brand showcased its womenswear spring-summer 2024 range. Scarlett, who wowed the crowd with her elegant cross-strap dress, paired it with a black leather belt and uniquely shaped heels while sporting heavily tinted sunglasses despite the cloudy weather. Emma, on the other hand, made a statement in Prada’s black halter neck minidress, which is a modern take on the classic little black dress. As she greeted onlookers before the fashion show, all eyes were on her stylish ensemble.

Here she comes: Scarlett Johansson was in Italy for the latest Prada presentation at Milan Fashion Week on Thursday afternoon

Looking good: Making her way inside, Hollywood star Scarlett, 38, turned heads in an elegant cross-strap dress from the high-end brand, cinched with a black leather belt

Look who is making an appearance! Scarlett Johansson graced Milan Fashion Week in Italy to attend the latest Prada presentation on Thursday afternoon.

Hard to miss: She completed the look with distinctively shaped heels, while cloudy weather didn't deter her from wearing heavily tinted sunglasses

It was impossible not to notice her ensemble, which included uniquely-designed footwear and a pair of dark shades that she boldly wore despite the overcast skies.

In good company: Emma Watson...

... and Sofia Richie (right) were also in attendance at the womenswear spring-summer 2024 presentation

Emma Watson and Sofia Richie were among the attendees at the womenswear spring-summer 2024 presentation. Emma wore black stiletto heels and kept her accessories minimal with a simple leather handbag. She opted for natural makeup to highlight her delicate features. On the other hand, Sofia deviated from classic black and wore a smart red roll neck and elegant Prada pencil trousers. She completed her look with a sophisticated plaid coat and black heels. Other notable guests included Benedict Cumberbatch, who donned a floral patterned shirt and sweeping cream Prada coat, French actor Vincent Cassel, Spanish singer Rosalia, and American actress Diana Silvers. Milan Fashion Week began on Wednesday, featuring Italian luxury label Fendi exploring the “ease of dressing with a certain Roman freedom” for their womenswear fashion show. This event follows New York and London fashion weeks where designers presented their creations for spring/summer 2024.

Don't mind me: But Emma was hard to miss as she left her hotel ahead of the Prada show in Milan on Thursday afternoon

Excuse my intrusion, but it was impossible to overlook Emma’s departure from her hotel before the Prada event in Milan on Thursday afternoon.

Tasteful: Opting for a stylish black halter neck minidress - Prada's take on the classic LBD - Emma caught the eye as she exited her hotel

In good company: The elegant Harry Potter star was joined by her pet dog

Chic: Emma looked effortlessly stunning in a black halter neck minidress by Prada, which added a contemporary twist to the timeless LBD. She stepped out of her hotel with her furry friend and turned heads with her impeccable sense of style.

High spirits: She greeted onlookers with a smile while making her way to the Prada event

In great mood: With a cheerful expression, she walked towards the Prada occasion, acknowledging the people around her.

Finishing touches: Black stiletto heels continued a subdued colour scheme...

... while a simple leather handbag served as her only notable accessory

Adding final details: A pair of black stiletto heels completed the understated look, complementing the overall color scheme. She kept things simple with a leather handbag as her sole standout accessory.

Make way: Sofia Richie acknowledged onlookers as she climbed into the rear of her waiting car en route to the Prada unveiling in Milan on Thursday afternoon

Sofia Richie made her way to the Prada unveiling in Milan on Thursday and gave a nod to the onlookers as she got into the back seat of her car.

Bold look: Meanwhile Sofia deviated from classic black, opting instead for a smart red roll neck and elegant Prada pencil trousers

Smart addition: The adopted daughter of Motown legend Lionel Richie completed the look with a sophisticated plaid coat

Stylish choice: Sofia decided to break away from the traditional black attire and went for a bold red roll neck top paired with chic Prada pencil trousers.

It’s easy to miss Sofia’s BFF Kylie Jenner, as she made a subtle entrance to the front row without attracting any attention from the media. Blink and you might have missed her!

There she is: Kylie shared a shot of herself backstage at the Prada event on Thursday afternoon

Look who’s here! Kylie just posted a photo of herself hanging out behind the scenes of the Prada show last Thursday.

Walk this way: A troupe of catwalk models unveil the latest collection from Italian fashion house Prada on Thursday afternoon

On Thursday, Italian fashion brand Prada showcased their latest collection with a group of models strutting down the runway. Meanwhile, Fendi – which has been a prominent name in the fashion industry since its establishment in Rome in 1925 and is now part of French luxury company LVMH – combined leather coats with materials like kid mohair to present a more gender-fluid collection. The models, all sporting leather gloves, walked among giant white bags while wearing warm shades of brown, beige, orange, and a few splashes of lemon yellow. The iconic Fendi ‘F’ logo was recreated on dresses and coats using a patchwork of fabrics, offering a playful and abstract take on the symbol that Karl Lagerfeld created back in 1966 when he became the creative director of the Roman brand. Over the years, the logo has been reinterpreted in various ways, but it was initially designed as a double F in a square. Additionally, Fendi’s color palette for this collection was mostly inspired by Lagerfeld’s 1999 Spring/Summer collection.

Distinctive: A Prada model is seen wearing another creation from the new fashion range

Unique: The latest Prada collection showcases a stunning model adorned in a different ensemble, adding to the brand’s distinctiveness.

Intricate: Delicate semi-sheer dresses played a major part in Thursday's unveiling

Pictured: A Prada model on the catwalk

Elaborate: The intricate designs of delicate semi-transparent dresses took center stage during the unveiling that occurred last Thursday.

Smart casual: The latest collection showed off a juxtaposition of styles

The most recent fashion line displayed a fusion of different styles, resulting in a smart casual look.

Main man: Other guests on the day included award winning actor Benedict Cumberbatch

Top bloke: The event also saw the attendance of acclaimed performer Benedict Cumberbatch.

Stylish: Benedict's floral patterned shirt and sweeping cream Prada coat ensured he claimed his own share of the spotlight

In attendance: He was joined by French actor Vincent Cassel at the event on Thursday afternoon

The event on Thursday afternoon saw the arrival of two handsome actors, Benedict and Vincent Cassel. Benedict was accompanied by French actor Vincent Cassel, as they made their way to the venue.

Getting involved: Spanish singer Rosalia opted for a subdued grey and white look

Spanish artist Rosalia chose a modest combination of gray and white to showcase her style.

Special guests: Actress and model Diana Silvers...

... and poet and activist Amanda Gorman (right) also made their presence felt at the latest Milan presentation

At the recent Milan presentation, two notable figures graced the event with their presence. Actress and model Diana Silvers, as well as poet and activist Amanda Gorman, were special guests who left a lasting impression.

Say cheese: Top Boy actress Letitia Wright posed for a photo before making her way inside

Cheese! Letitia Wright, the talented actress from Top Boy, flashed a smile for the camera before heading indoors.

Front row ready: Harry Styles' model ex-girlfriend Camille Rowe...

... and blogger and designer Chiara Ferragni greeted onlookers outside the venue

As the paparazzi waited outside the venue, two fashionable ladies caught their attention. These were none other than Harry Styles’ former flame, Camille Rowe, who had a successful career as a model, and Chiara Ferragni, a blogger and designer. Both women looked stunning and ready to take on the front row.

She's pleased: Actress, model and LGBTQ rights activist Hunter Schafer appeared to be in high spirits as she posed for photos on Thursday afternoon

Hunter Schafer, the actress, model, and advocate for LGBTQ rights, seemed delighted as she posed for pictures on Thursday afternoon.

Lovely: Hunter opted for an embellished peach shirt and shorts,

... while fellow guest Charli D'Amelio wore a relaxed grey sweater over a sweeping white evening dress

Hunter chose to wear a peach shirt and shorts that were adorned with beautiful embellishments. Meanwhile, Charli D’Amelio was seen sporting a casual grey sweater that was worn over a stunning white evening dress.

Stepping out: Outgoing British Vogue editor-in-chief Edward Enninful greeted onlookers with a  smile after arriving for the exclusive presentation

On the move: Edward Enninful, the sociable editor-in-chief of British Vogue, warmly acknowledged passersby as he arrived for the private showcase.

Late arrivals: Hong Kong actress Kara Wai...

... and American comedian and writer Ayo Edebiri hurried inside to claim their seats ahead of the show

Kara Wai, the Hong Kong actress, and Ayo Edebiri, the American comedian and writer, rushed to grab their seats before the show began as they arrived late.

Strike a pose: South-Korean-Canadian singer and rapper Jeon Somi posed for photographers outside the Italian venue

Jeon Somi, the singer and rapper from South Korea and Canada, was captured striking a pose for photographers outside an Italian venue.

Glam: Emma and Hunter Schafer posed up a storm in front of the Prada sign

Glam: Emma and Hunter Schafer posed up a storm in front of the Prada sign

Emma and Hunter Schafer looked absolutely stunning as they confidently stood in front of the iconic Prada signage, radiating glamour all around them.

Business chic: Letitia Wright looked smart in a checked suit and loafers

Letitia Wright sported a professional yet trendy look as she donned a stylish checked suit paired with comfy loafers.

Glam! Charli wowed in a statement skirt while Eiza Gonzalez looked chic in a black co-rd

Glam! Charli wowed in a statement skirt while Eiza Gonzalez looked chic in a black co-rd

Charli looked stunning in a skirt that made a bold statement, while Eiza Gonzalez exuded elegance in a matching black co-ord ensemble.

Cheese! Emma and Amanda Gorman were positioned on the front row

Say cheese! Emma and Amanda Gorman were seated in the front row with big smiles on their faces.

Glowing: Diana Silvers and Camille Rowe both put on a stylish display

Glowing: Diana Silvers and Camille Rowe both put on a stylish display

Diana Silvers and Camille Rowe looked stunning in their fashionable outfits during an event. According to Jones’ fashion notes, the collection was designed to reflect the elegance of ease and not caring about other people’s opinions. It’s not just about being seen, but rather the confidence and sophistication that comes with wearing the clothes. Milan Fashion Week will showcase 62 physical fashion shows featuring spring-summer collections from high-end brands such as Giorgio Armani, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, and Versace. Additionally, Sabato De Sarno, Peter Hawkings, and Simone Bellotti will debut as creative directors for Gucci, Tom Ford, and Bally, respectively. The event will be held until September 25.

Step by step: A Prada model fixed her eyes on the end of the catwalk as she marched past the front row on Thursday afternoon

In a leisurely manner, a model from Prada focused her gaze towards the end of the runway while making her way past the prominent attendees during Thursday afternoon’s show.

Curtain raiser: Milan kicked off its catwalk calendar on Wednesday, with Italian luxury label Fendi exploring the

Introduction: Milan’s fashion extravaganza commenced on Wednesday with Fendi’s catwalk show. The Italian high-end brand showcased the “ease of dressing with a certain Roman freedom” to start off the city’s fashion calendar.

Ongoing event: Milan Fashion Week follows New York and London events in which designers have been presenting their creations for 2024 (pictured: A model at the Fendi show)

The current occasion is Milan Fashion Week, which comes after the fashion events in New York and London. Designers are showcasing their 2024 collections, with one model pictured at the Fendi show.

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