“Shakira’s Coastal Retreat: An Adventure-filled Day with Milian by the Sea”

After giving birth to her second son Sasha in January, Shakira wasted no time in getting back to work. She effortlessly juggled being a mom and a pop star on Thursday, bringing her eldest son Milan to a commercial shoot in Spain. Rocking a gorgeous gold bikini top and harem trousers, the 38-year-old took a break from belly-dancing to shower her two-year-old with love on the sunny beaches of Tossa de Mar.

Mummy duties: Shakira was seen doting on her eldest son Milan on Thursday as she tried to film a commercial in Tossa de Mar, Spain

Handling maternal responsibilities: Shakira was seen taking care of her oldest son Milan while trying to enjoy a commercial shoot in Tossa de Mar, Spain on Thursday. Balancing her own global engagements and her partner Gerard Piqué’s soccer commitments, it seemed like Shakira had taken on the responsibility of looking after the kids for the day. Despite already possessing an incredible physique, the beautiful blonde appeared to be in full promotional mode as she filmed by the seaside. Her hair was styled in soft, natural curls and she exuded confidence with her arms spread wide.

Back at her best: The mum-of-two, who gave birth in January, was at her belly-dancing best

Back in top form: The mother of two, who welcomed a new addition in January, displayed her impressive belly-dancing skills.

Snapped back: She has already achieved her body back

All smiles: She looked pleased to be back at work

Unfazed: Despite expecting her second child, the celebrity seemed just as confident about her body as ever.

Protective: The yummy mummy tried to protect her little one's toes from the stones

Mommy wanted to protect her child’s feet from sharp stones, so she made sure to shield them during their walk.

Excited: In his swimming shorts, Milan looked excited about heading down to the seafront

Excited and full of energy, Milan was all smiles as he headed down to the beachfront, sporting his swim shorts. The renowned singer, famous for hits like “Hips Don’t Lie,” danced barefoot on the wooden boards by the shore, the chains on his body softly jingling against his toned stomach. As the sun began to set, he wrapped himself in a light grey robe while playing with his little one. Milan, who recently became a big brother earlier this year, was dressed in matching blue swim shorts and a t-shirt.

Proud mummy: Shakira was later seen carrying her two-year-old through the streets

Happy mama: Shakira was seen strolling with her toddler in her arms as they walked through the city.

Always smiling: She looked proud to show off little Milan to waiting fans

Always beaming with joy, she seemed thrilled to introduce little Milan to the eager fans who were patiently waiting.

Picture perfect: The duo were relishing some time alone together

Capturing the moment: The couple were savoring a peaceful moment in each other’s company.

Playful: He was doted on by the crew on the afternoon

Informal: The gang treated him well during the afternoon.

Is he heavy? She hoisted him up, pulling faces all the while

“Does he qualify as a big guy? She hoisted him up, pulling silly faces as she did so.”

Hard working: It's been only nine months since Shakira was with child

Yummy mummy: She was shooting for an advert

Staying warm and cozy: As the sun started to set, Shakira wrapped herself in a cozy robe. Her little one was excited to play by the water, so she carefully carried him to protect his tiny feet from the stones. She was happy to have her child with her during the photoshoot and smiled cheerfully at fans as she walked back through the streets after filming. Despite giving birth to her second child in January, Shakira seemed just as confident as ever. She and Gerard began their family in early 2013, after meeting in the spring of 2010 and dating for over two years.

Commanding: The blonde was the only one that commanded attention

Being different from everyone else, the blonde was the sole individual who captured everyone’s attention.

Practise makes perfect: She was seen dancing alone on the platform with bare feet

Practice results in progress: She was seen dancing solo on the stage without any shoes.

Working it: She paraded along the pier with conviction by the sea

Walking confidently along the pier by the ocean, she displayed a strong sense of determination.

Dancing: The blonde didn't seem like she'd missed a minute of belly-dancing in her pregnancy

Dancing: Throughout her reign, the blonde seemed to never miss a beat when it came to belly-dancing.

Superstar: The blonde was never without someone by her side

Character: The blonde always had a companion by her side wherever she went.

Practise, practise: The singer put work into practising her moves before performing them

Practice is key: The singer spent hours perfecting her dance moves before showcasing them on stage.

Enigmatic: She certainly knew how to capture all eyes

Mysterious: She definitely had a knack for capturing everyone’s attention.

Standing in front of a powerful wind machine, Shakira was in her element as she belted out her songs with passion and energy.

Owning it: Shakira strutted her stuff for the cameras with pure confidence

Taking charge: Shakira confidently showcased her skills in front of the cameras with undeniable self-assurance.

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