“Shakira Stuns in Scarlet Mini Dress at 2023 Premios Juventud, Takes Home Eight Awards and Shares Heartwarming Hugs with Her Sons”



At the 2023 Premios Juventud awards ceremony in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Shakira stole the show with her stunning appearance. The 46-year-old singer-songwriter flaunted her gorgeous figure in a sizzling red mini dress that left everyone awestruck. She accessorized her look with matching sunglasses and left her honey-colored tresses flowing down in waves. Although the Colombian beauty skipped the red carpet, she received eight awards, including the prestigious Best Pop/Urban Track award. In her acceptance speech, Shakira expressed her gratitude towards her fans and credited them for motivating her to be the best version of herself.

Red hot! Shakira had all eyes on her while attending the 2023 Premios Juventud awards in San Juan, Puerto Rico, on Thursday

Wow! Shakira looked absolutely stunning as she graced the 2023 Premios Juventud awards in San Juan, Puerto Rico, last Thursday. She definitely caught everyone’s attention with her fiery presence.

Stunner: The Whenever, Wherever hitmaker, 46, commanded attention in a fiery red mini dress that showed off her incredible figure

The stunning Shakira, who is famously known for her hit song “Whenever, Wherever”, caught the eye of many with her bold and fiery red mini dress that accentuated her gorgeous figure.

Her boys: She was joined at the event by her sons Milan, ten, and Sasha, seven, who were in the audience

Accompanied by her two young boys, Milan (10) and Sasha (7), she made an appearance at the event with much enthusiasm.

Tender moment: At one point during the night, she was seen hugging her sons

Heartwarming scene: At a certain moment throughout the evening, she was captured embracing her sons.

What matters: Both her little ones received a sweet shoutout in her speech while accepting the Agent of Change Award

During her acceptance speech for the Agent of Change Award, Shakira expressed her gratitude towards her children, who have been a source of strength for her during moments of self-doubt. She also thanked them for their unwavering support and for inspiring her to become a better musician and person. Throughout the evening, she could be seen embracing her sons Milan and Sasha, who were in attendance at the event. Along with fellow singer Camila Cabello, Shakira was recognized for her contributions to society and her efforts to bring attention to important issues such as poverty and discrimination. She spoke candidly about the challenges that exist in the world today and emphasized the need for change. As a mother, she feels a responsibility to teach her children to use their voices to advocate for what they believe in and to stand up against injustice.

Happy: The star wore her honey tresses cascading down in waves

Delighted: The celebrity donned her golden locks flowing in curls.

Winning! The beauty, who skipped the red carpet, took home eight awards, including Best Pop/Urban Track

Wow, what a triumph! The stunning celebrity, who decided to skip walking down the red carpet, managed to nab eight awards in total. One of these was the highly sought-after Best Pop/Urban Track award.

Agent of Change: Shakira was also honored with the Agent of Change Award, along with singer Camila Cabello, 26

Shakira and Camila Cabello, both popular singers, were recognized for their efforts in bringing about positive changes and awarded the Agent of Change Award.

Inspired: Upon learning she would be taking home the most trophies of the night, she gushed: 'The best luck I¿ve had is with my fans. You inspire me to be better and to never give up'

Feeling motivated and grateful, she expressed her excitement after finding out that she would be the recipient of the most awards at the event. She couldn’t help but praise her fans for being her lucky charm and source of inspiration, as they constantly push her to strive for excellence and never lose hope.

SweetL 'To be honest, when I had self-doubt, you made me believe in myself again. When I feel fragile, you give me strength. You¿ve protected me, you¿ve been loyal,' she added

Honestly, there were times when I lacked confidence in myself, but your support helped me regain faith in my abilities. When I am feeling vulnerable, you are always there to give me the courage to face any challenge. Your loyalty and protection have been unwavering, and I am grateful for that. This is why I appreciate you so much, SweetL.

In a recent speech, Shakira addressed her eldest son, Milán, and expressed her relief that he is becoming increasingly aware of how to make positive changes in the world. She commended the youth of today for their ability to amplify important news on social media and expose stories that would otherwise go unknown. Shakira emphasized that one does not need to be famous or wealthy to be an agent of change, but simply needs to differentiate between right and wrong, and believe in the possibility of change. She urged young people to use their voices and not be complacent in the face of injustice. Shakira concluded by stating that the youth have the power to be the hope of many and true agents of change. Shakira shares her children with soccer player Gerard Piqué, whom she separated from last year following allegations of infidelity.

The ex: Shakira shares her boys with soccer player Gerard Piqué, 36; They are seen in 2017

Shakira happily co-parents her sons with her beau, soccer player Gerard Piqué who is 36 years old. The two were spotted together with their children in 2017.

Over: The former couple confirmed the end of their 11-year relationship last June, shortly after the soccer player was accused of cheating on the singer; Seen 2019

Done: Last June, the ex-partners acknowledged the termination of their 11-year relationship following allegations that the soccer player betrayed the confidence of the vocalist; a sighting captured in 2019.

Pique, who is now in a new relationship with model Clara Chia Marti, has denied allegations of having an affair. Shakira recently revealed that she felt like she wouldn’t survive after discovering her ex had betrayed her while her father was in the ICU. She expressed her disappointment in not being able to turn to her father or best friend for guidance during that tough time, and spoke about her parents’ marriage as a dream that didn’t come true for her. Nonetheless, she sees their relationship as a good example of a healthy marriage and hopes her children will view them as positive role models.

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