Shakira Finds Solace in Composing and Pizza Nights in Madrid After Surprising Split with Gerard Pique, 11 Years Together

Shakira confidently showcased a strong presence on Friday, despite the recent announcement of her separation from Gerard Piqué. The talented 45-year-old singer appeared stunning in an elegant V-neck mini dress, highlighting her beauty amidst the news of her split with the football star. With a pizza box in hand, she exuded a stylish aura as she wandered through the streets of the vibrant Spanish capital, building up an appetite along the way.

Head up: Shakira gamely put on a brave face on Friday as she carried a pizza box in Madrid after announcing her split from Gerard Pique earlier this week

Be on the lookout: Shakira confidently displayed her resilience on Friday by showing a radiant smile while carrying a pizza box in Madrid. This came just days after the singer announced her separation from Gerard Piqué.

It's over! Shakira and her partner Gerard have announced their separation (pictured with their children Milan, nine, and Sasha, seven)

Great news has just been revealed! Shakira and her partner Gerard have announced that they are parting ways. In a photo alongside their adorable children Milan, aged nine, and Sasha, aged seven, the Colombian beauty showcased her impeccable style by pairing her outfit with ankle cowboy boots and a tan handbag. To shield herself from the sun, Shakira opted for aviator sunglasses, while her dark hair was styled in loose waves that gracefully cascaded over her shoulders. With a touch of nude lipstick and a radiant makeup palette, she managed to flash a slight smile despite the recent heartbreak she has been going through.

Gorgeous: The Columbian bombshell showed off her style credentials as she teamed the look with a pair of ankle cowboy boots and tan handbag

Tip: The Colombian beauty flaunted her impeccable sense of style by pairing the outfit with ankle-length cowboy boots and a trendy tan handbag.

Multitasking: Carrying a pizza box in her hands, the popstar looked stylish as she worked up an appetite while out and about in the Spanish capital

Engaged in multiple tasks: Holding a pizza box in her hand, the superstar displayed a stylish appearance as she walked through the streets of the Spanish capital, simultaneously working up a keen appetite.

Natural beauty: Shakira kept the sunshine at bay beneath a pair of aviator sunglasses while her raven tresses were style in loose waves which neatly fell over her shoulders

Shakira shielded herself from the sun with a stylish pair of aviator sunglasses while her sleek black hair cascaded in relaxed waves, gracefully draping over her shoulders. The talented artist, known for her hit “Whenever, Wherever,” recently parted ways with Gerard Piqué, aged 35, as they publicly announced their separation last week.

In a joint statement, the former couple, who share two sons named Milan (nine years old) and Sasha (seven years old), expressed their regret over the decision to separate. They emphasized the importance of privacy during this challenging time for the sake of their children’s well-being, as their kids remain their top priority. Grateful in advance for understanding and respect, they kindly requested their fans and the public to honor their need for space.

In 2011, the Grammy winner and athlete made their relationship public. Recently, rumors have been circulating in Spanish tabloids suggesting that the couple was on the verge of breaking up due to allegations of infidelity on the athlete’s part. According to El Periódico, the couple has been living apart for a few weeks after the pop star kicked the athlete out of their family home. Sources claim that the athlete has been enjoying a party lifestyle in a bachelor pad and going out with his teammates. Neither party has addressed the cheating allegations, but journalist Emilio Pérez stated that the pop star has decided to separate from the athlete. Although representatives have not commented on the situation, similar split claims were made in 2017, with reports stating that they were no longer living together and that the pop star initiated the separation. The Colombian press has been speculating about their relationship status, with a source stating that the pop star could no longer handle the situation.

Split: According to the fan, the Barcelona defender, who split from his wife Shakira last month, allegedly refused to greet her football-loving son, prompting her to brand the star 'a loser' in a now-viral social media post

According to Spanish publication El Periodico, rumors are swirling that Shakira and Gerard Piqué have decided to start living separately. Apparently, Shakira asked Piqué to leave their family home. Insider sources speaking to the Spanish website Cotilleo have indicated that this decision came from Shakira herself. This news coincides with hints of discord between the couple, which Shakira subtly conveyed in her latest hit song, “Te Felicito,” featuring Rauw Alejandro. The lyrics touch on feeling incomplete and being warned but not listening, as well as addressing the falseness in their relationship and how a breaking point was reached. The song seems to capture the emotions she’s experiencing during this challenging time.

The couple’s romantic journey began in 2011 when they met while filming the music video for Shakira’s World Cup anthem, “Waka Waka,” a year prior. Coincidentally, Piqué’s team won the World Cup that year, and Shakira performed during the final game, adding a touch of fate to their encounter. Although they had some correspondence in 2010, their relationship truly ignited at the start of 2011 when they officially became a couple.

Cheating claims: Neither party has addressed cheating claims but journalist Emilio Pérez reported: '(Shakira) has made the decision to separate. That is so. It has happened' (pictured 2019)

Allegations of unfaithfulness: Both parties have yet to address the rumors of cheating, but journalist Emilio Perez revealed, “Shakira has decided to end the relationship. It’s true. The separation has occurred” (as reported in 2019).

Earlier claims: The former power couple were hit by split claims in 2017, with it being claimed that the two were no longer living together and Shakira had instigated the split (pictured 2019)

Past reports had suggested that the former power couple may have faced separation rumors back in 2017, with speculations claiming that they were no longer residing together and that Shakira had initiated the split. In the fall of 2012, Shakira took to her Instagram platform to announce to her fans that she was expecting the football star’s son. Just two years after the birth of their first child, Milan, the couple happily revealed that they were anticipating their second child, Sasha, who was born in 2015. Despite not planning to tie the knot, the couple openly admitted that their relationship functions well as it is, as revealed in a recent conversation with Gary Neville on The Overlap.

Years together: Though the two corresponded in 2010, the relationship between the two mega-stars wouldn't officially take off until the start of 2011 (pictured 2012)

Duration of Relationship: Although they initially communicated in 2010, it wasn’t until the beginning of 2011 that the romantic connection between these two renowned celebrities truly blossomed (as seen in the picture from 2012).

Baby on the way: In the fall of 2012, Shakira would use her Instagram platform to announce to fans that she was pregnant with the football star's son (pictured 2015)

Navigating parenthood: In the fall of 2012, Shakira excitedly shared her pregnancy news with her fans on Instagram, featuring a picture from 2015 of her with her partner Gerard Piqué. Piqué expressed contentment with their current situation, stating, “I love how things are right now. We have two children, aged nine and seven, and we function well as a couple. Marriage is not a necessity for us, and that’s perfectly fine,” highlighting their strong bond.

In celebration of Gerard’s 600th appearance for Barcelona in March, Shakira expressed her admiration and emotions through a heartfelt social media post, acknowledging this significant milestone. However, earlier in March, the Barcelona FC defender stirred controversy by claiming that playing against Espanyol brought him greater satisfaction than sex, much to the potential displeasure of his partner. Speaking on The Wild Project with YouTuber Jordi Wild, Piqué shared, “I’m thrilled that Espanyol has been promoted to the first division because playing in their stadium is an exhilarating experience. The constant whistling from their fans adds to the excitement. It’s an indescribable feeling, almost surpassing the pleasure of playing against Real Madrid.”

The singer known for her hit song “Hips Don’t Lie” previously commended her boyfriend’s parenting style, expressing that he is her utmost source of support in raising their children. She admires his down-to-earth nature and practical approach to solving problems. Whenever she feels overwhelmed with the task of keeping things organized and managing multiple responsibilities, he provides valuable perspective. Both actively participate in parenting, ensuring that neither feels burdened with the entire load. However, she playfully admits that he may indulge their children with a bit more chocolate than she would prefer.

Shock: Back in March, the Barcelona FC defender risked the wrath of Shakira by claiming that playing against Espanyol was better than sex (pictured in 2019)

Surprise: In a shocking turn of events, the Barcelona FC defender caused quite a stir in March when he boldly expressed that playing against Espanyol provided more excitement than the intimate act of sex. This revelation certainly caught fans and Shakira, his partner, off guard (depicted in a photo from 2019).

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