Nicki Minaj’s Sexy Wireless Festival Performance Goes Awry with Wardrobe Malfunction

Nicki Minaj is known for her bold and daring fashion choices, so it’s not surprising that she doesn’t shy away from the occasional wardrobe malfunction. During her performance at London’s Wireless Festival, the singer kept fans waiting for over two hours and ended up flashing her nipple when her revealing outfit couldn’t quite keep up with her moves. Check out the video below for a closer look.

Oops! Nicki Minaj suffered a very public wardrobe malfunction when she experienced a so-called 'nip slip' at London's Wireless Festival on Sunday

Whoopsie! Nicki Minaj had a bit of an unexpected fashion mishap during her performance at London’s Wireless Festival on Sunday. In front of a massive crowd, the American singer and rapper accidentally experienced what is commonly referred to as a ‘nip slip,’ revealing a portion of her breast to thousands of concert-goers. Despite the wardrobe malfunction, Minaj continued to put on an energetic show for several minutes, seemingly nonchalant about the situation. Even after realizing what had happened, she didn’t let it faze her and carried on like a pro.

Hard not to stare: Singing and dancing before an audience of thousands, the American star gave music lovers a serious eyeful as she delivered an energetic set

It was impossible to look away: The talented American performer put on quite a show for the crowd of thousands with her impressive singing and dancing skills, and certainly caught the attention of music enthusiasts with her energetic performance.

Ignorance is bliss? Seemingly unaware of the gaffe, she performed for several minutes as her partially-exposed nipple enjoyed a very public airing

Is it true that ignorance is bliss? It seems so, as a performer recently had a wardrobe malfunction while on stage but continued to perform for several minutes, completely unaware of the situation. Her nipple was on display for all to see, but this was just one of the many raunchy elements of her outfit that was designed to showcase her curves both front and back. Despite wearing a satin bra and fishnet bodystocking, her modesty was not fully protected, leaving very little to the imagination. Overall, she put on a seriously bootylicious aesthetic that was definitely not for the faint-hearted!

Not shy: The chesty display was, however, just one of several raunchy elements to the stage outfit, which saw her put on a seriously bootylicious aesthetic.

Uninhibited: The busty presentation was just a part of the provocative getup that featured a noticeably curvy look.

She's twigged! The singer eventually realised her wardrobe malfunction - but merely shrugged it off

Oh no, she caught on! The vocalist eventually noticed her clothing mishap, but didn’t seem to be too bothered by it and just shrugged it off.

Want to get something off your chest, Nicki? As her satin bra struggled to protect her modesty, her fishnet bodystocking followed suit

Hey Nicki, do you have something to say? It seems like her outfit was struggling to keep her covered, as her satin bra and fishnet bodystocking couldn’t quite do the job. However, her wardrobe malfunction wasn’t the main concern for festival-goers who were left waiting for a whopping 120 minutes for her performance.
Nicki blamed her tardiness on travel issues, but fans weren’t impressed with the excuse. Despite being scheduled to perform between 7pm and 8pm, she didn’t hit the stage until well after 9pm, causing outrage among her fans.

Body confident: Any sartorial slip-up was surely the last thing on her mind after keeping festival attendees waiting for 120 minutes following alleged travel issues

Feeling good about herself: She probably wasn’t concerned about any fashion faux pas as she kept festival-goers waiting for 2 hours due to reported travel problems.

Keeping abreast of the latest fashion styles? The star donned a fishnet bodystocking to appease fans

Are you up-to-date with the latest fashion trends? The celebrity surprised fans by wearing a fishnet bodystocking. The festival organizers were embarrassed when they lost communication with the award-winning artist, who was traveling from Denmark after a performance on Saturday night. A message appeared on the screen notifying the audience that the artist was supposed to be on her way from Luton Airport, but the organizers had lost contact with her and hoped she would arrive soon. The delay could be attributed to a car fire that caused heavy traffic between Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire junctions nine and eight, near Luton Airport, according to Highways England.

 Now that's a stage outfit! The singer left little to the imagination in her daring festival look

Wow, what a bold and eye-catching outfit for the stage! The performer definitely wasn’t shy about showing off some skin with her daring festival ensemble.

Derriere on display! The outspoken rapper made sure her world-famous curves were on full display as she took to the stage in just a thong and fishnet bodysuit

Derriere on display! The outspoken rapper made sure her world-famous curves were on full display as she took to the stage in just a thong and fishnet bodysuit

The rapper confidently flaunted her famous curves on stage wearing only a thong and fishnet bodysuit, leaving little to the imagination. However, fans at the weekend music festival were disappointed when Nicki Minaj failed to start her highly-anticipated set, prompting some to demand refunds on social media. One user even called it a “shambles” and a “ruined weekend”. Attendee Abie Smith expressed her disappointment, saying she had come specifically to see Nicki but had to leave early due to work the next day. She suggested event organizers should have scheduled the performances better. Despite the setback, fans remain loyal to the outspoken rapper.

On fleek: The rapper put on a killer show when she finally arrived, with festival organisers citing 'travel issues' as the reason for her missing her slot 

The hip-hop artist nailed her performance when she eventually made it to the stage, despite the festival coordinators citing ‘travel complications’ as the cause for her delay.

Sheer perfection: Nicki more than made up for her tardiness with a killer performance 

Nicki’s exceptional performance more than compensated for her delayed arrival, achieving sheer perfection.

Busty: The Anaconda hit-maker donned a seriously plunging push-up bra underneath  her bodysuit

Busty: The Anaconda hit-maker donned a seriously plunging push-up bra underneath  her bodysuit

The singer known for her hit song Anaconda, Nicki Minaj, was seen wearing a revealing bodysuit with a push-up bra that accentuated her cleavage at the Wireless Festival. The festival had earlier announced on Twitter that Nicki’s travel issues had caused her delay. Despite being late, the singer made up for it with her stage performance, flaunting her famous derriere in a black thong and captivating the audience with her hits like Starships. She styled her long hair in curls and kept her makeup minimal with a pale pink look. Her fans didn’t seem to mind the wait and expressed their excitement on social media.

Better late than never: The star was two hours late for her supporting set, finally turning up as David Guetta took to the turntables 

It’s never too late to make an entrance, as proven by the tardiness of the celebrity who arrived two hours after her scheduled supporting performance. She finally graced the stage just in time for David Guetta to start spinning his tracks.

Refund demands: Several fans took to Twitter to request their money back after being forced to head home

Numerous supporters turned to social media platform Twitter to express dissatisfaction and demand a refund for their tickets as they were compelled to leave the venue.

'Gutted': There was a mass exodus from the venue when it seemed Nicki was never going to arrive

‘Heartbroken’: The crowd dispersed from the location as it appeared that Nicki would not be coming.

Special announcement: A message flashed up on screen reading, 'We are told that she was due to be speeding down the M1 from Luton Airport as we speak but we have lost contact with her'

Exciting news: An update popped up on the display stating that someone was supposed to be racing down the M1 from Luton Airport at this very moment, but unfortunately we have been unable to stay in touch with them.

Travel issues: Meanwhile, Wireless Festival organisers tweeted that she was experiencing 'last minute' transport problems

Travel issues: Meanwhile, Wireless Festival organisers tweeted that she was experiencing 'last minute' transport problems

Travel Troubles: On the other hand, the organisers of the Wireless Festival took to Twitter to explain that the individual in question was facing some unexpected obstacles with regards to transportation.

Real excuse: Highways England earlier reported heavy congestion between junctions nine and eight in Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire, close to Luton Airport, following a car fire

Actual reason: According to Highways England, there was significant traffic buildup in the area between junctions nine and eight of Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire, near Luton Airport, due to a car that caught fire.

Busy schedule: Nicki had jetted into the UK on Sunday following a festival in Denmark on the Saturday evening

Hectic timetable: On Sunday, Nicki arrived in the UK after performing at a festival in Denmark the night before.

Fan favourite: The 32-year-old chart-topper entertained the crowd with her hits including Starship

Much-loved by fans, the 32-year-old singer stole the show with her sensational performance, belting out her popular tracks like Starship to the delight of the audience.

Praise be! Festival goers who had lasted the distance couldn't believe their luck when she finally showed 

Hallelujah! Attendees who managed to stick it out at the festival were overjoyed when she finally made an appearance.

Raunchy: Nicki didn't hold back when it came to her ultra seductive dance moves

Nicki was unapologetic in her sultry dance routine, showing off her moves without hesitation.

Worth the wait: The US rapper showed her love for the fans who stuck it out until the end 

It was definitely worth the wait for fans of the American rapper who expressed her appreciation for those who stayed until the very end of her performance.

Supermodel style: Catwalk queen Jourdan Dunn treated herself to a spot of peri-peri chicken as she hung out backstage at the Nando's Cock o¿ Van at Wireless 

Jourdan Dunn, the renowned catwalk queen, was spotted treating herself to some delicious peri-peri chicken while hanging out backstage at the Nando’s Cock o’ Van event during the Wireless festival.

Tasty treats: The supermodel looked happy and relaxed as she prepared to tuck into some festival food 

Delicious delights: With a carefree demeanor, the supermodel appeared content and at ease while gearing up to indulge in some delectable fare at the festival.

Rocking out: Pop star Charlie XCX performed at Wireless on Sunday, as she was pictured grabbing hold of the microphone while sticking her tongue out 

Jamming: Charlie XCX, the popular singer, put on a show at Wireless festival last Sunday. The singer was captured in photos with a playful pose, holding onto the mic and sticking out her tongue.

Bouncing back: Jessie J looked fighting fit following her hospital stay as she performed at Wireless Festival in London on Sunday night 

Jessie J made a strong comeback after her stay in the hospital by delivering an energetic performance at the Wireless Festival in London on Sunday evening. She looked fit and ready to take on the stage, showing no signs of weakness or weariness.

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