Nicki Minaj’s Barefaced Beauty: Candid Snaps of the Rapper Embracing Her Natural Look

It’s not uncommon to spot Nicki Minaj sporting a bare-faced look that highlights her inherent beauty. Check out some snapshots of those moments right here!

Nicki Minaj with no makeup

Nicki Minaj in Paris

Nicki Minaj bundling up

Nicki Minaj hiding her face under shades

Nicki Minaj at LAX

Nicki Minaj waving at fans

In 2014, Nicki Minaj was spotted leaving her hotel in an all-red Juicy tracksuit, looking casual with no makeup on. While the rapper is known for her stunning makeup looks, there are several instances where she has stepped out without any makeup on, showcasing her natural beauty. From running errands to greeting fans outside buildings, Nicki’s makeup-free appearances have been captured on camera numerous times. One such occasion saw her arrive in Paris for a Karl Lagerfeld photo shoot, wearing shades and minimal makeup. In another instance, Nicki was seen at JFK airport wearing a fur coat over her shoulder, cheetah print ankle boots, and a giant heart-shaped sparkler from rumored fiancé Meek Mill – all while sporting little to no makeup. Despite her fame, Nicki’s makeup-free looks exude confidence and highlight her beauty just as much as a full face of makeup would.

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