“Nicki Minaj Credits Time Off from Music for Boosting Her Mental Health While Nurturing Her Son”

In 2018, she released her latest album and has experienced significant changes in her life since then. Nicki Minaj believes that stepping away from the music industry has had a positive impact on her mental well-being, as she interacted with fans via social media. The 38-year-old rapper disclosed that she is currently in a much better place after giving birth to her son last September and spending quality time bonding with him.

Queen: Nicki Minaj thinks taking a break from the music industry has been good for her mental health as she chatted with fans on social media

Nicki Minaj recently engaged in a Twitter Q&A with her fans and shared that taking a break from the music industry has been beneficial for her mental health. Her last album, Queen, was released in 2018 and during the Q&A, a fan asked if she’s seen any improvements since taking time off. Nicki responded by expressing gratitude for the question and stating that the hiatus was much needed for her. She also shared that the break gave her the opportunity to spend quality time bonding with her son and to get back into writing fluidly. Additionally, she mentioned that there’s something else she’s been working on that she’s not ready to discuss yet, but some of her fans may have an idea of what it is.

Best in the biz: Nicki listened to a remix of Drake's Best I Ever Had in a new Instagram video uploaded on Saturday

Nicki showed her appreciation for Drake’s music by sharing a new Instagram video on Saturday in which she listened to a remix of his hit song, Best I Ever Had. She is known to be one of the best in the entertainment industry.

Big reveal: Nicki wore nothing but a thong and an 'icon' hat as she posed topless on Instagram to announce the release of new music at Midnight on May 13

In a bold move, Nicki Minaj took to Instagram to announce the release of her new music at midnight on May 13th. The rapper posed topless, wearing nothing but a thong and an “icon” hat, which caused quite a stir on social media. Nicki recently became a mother when she welcomed her first child with her husband, Kenneth Petty, in Los Angeles on September 30th. She shared that her son wasn’t much of a fan of rap music while he was in her belly, and would kick hard when she played Enya. However, he seemed to enjoy her latest song, #SeeingGreen, before its release. During her pregnancy, Nicki had to stick to soothing music like Enya and classical because it helped her unborn baby relax. She even revealed that her pregnancy made it difficult for her to complete her album. In a recent confession, Nicki spoke about the devastating loss of her father, which has been the toughest challenge she’s faced in her life so far.

Mom and Dad: The Super Bass singer welcomed her first child with husband Kenneth Petty on Sept. 30 in Los Angeles

Nicki Minaj and her husband Kenneth Petty became proud parents of their first child on September 30 in Los Angeles.

Tragic: Nicki recently confessed that losing her father has been 'the most devastating loss' she's faced in her life

Nicki has recently opened up about the tragic loss of her father, Robert Maraj, who passed away in a hit-and-run incident earlier this year. In a post on her website, the Starships singer shared that the passing of her father has been the most devastating loss of her life. Although she is not yet ready to discuss the details of the incident, Nicki admitted to wanting to call him all the time and missing him greatly. She honored her father on his birthday by posting a photo and wishing him a happy birthday while expressing how much she misses him and hopes he rests in peace.

Memories: She honored her father on what would have been his birthday on Sunday, May 16, with a photo captioned: 'Happy Birthday Daddy. Miss u so much. So much. So so much. Rest In Peace. Oh my God'

Recollections: On May 16, a Sunday, she celebrated her father’s birthday by sharing a picture and dedicating it to him. The photo was accompanied by a message that read, “Happy Birthday Daddy. I miss you immensely, so much that words cannot express. Rest in peace. Oh my God.”

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