“Mango’s Latest Ad Featuring Scarlett Johansson Embraces Her Iconic Curvy Look”

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Scarlett Johansson has drawn criticism for allegedly airbrushing her last Mango advertisement. However, in the latest campaign for the clothing store, the actress appears to look more like her natural curvy self. In the new ad, the 26-year-old star can be seen looking rather somber in a striped sundress. Despite her apparent moodiness, at least her legs seem to be untouched by digital manipulation. Just last month, Johansson raised eyebrows when an image was released in which her thighs appeared noticeably thinner than they do in real life.

Earning her stripes: Scarlett Johansson looks more like her normal self in the latest Mango advert for the clothing stores summer collection after accusations of airbrushing in the last one

Scarlett Johansson is back in a new Mango advert for their summer collection, and this time she looks more like her usual self. The last Mango ad featuring the actress faced accusations of airbrushing just a week after her Dolce Gabbana make-up campaign was also criticized for the same reason. In both ads, Scarlett’s stomach appeared noticeably flatter than in real life. The debate about airbrushing started when unflattering photos of her working out with Sean Penn circulated, leading to rumors of pregnancy, which she denied.

Skinny: The normally curvy star had thighs that appeared to be much thinner than in real life in the Mango advert released last month

The mango advertisement released last month showed Scarlett Johansson with thinner-looking thighs, which is unusual for the curvy actress. Her representative had to release a statement denying her pregnancy and explaining that it was just the shirt placement that made her look that way. According to the statement, she has been training for her upcoming movie, The Avengers, and is currently in the best shape of her life. There has been no comment from Mango about whether the photos were airbrushed or not.

Rounded: The star sparked pregnancy rumours when she appeared fuller figured when out jogging early last month

The celebrity in question raised eyebrows with her curvier physique while jogging last month, leading to rumors of a pregnancy. On the other hand, despite repeatedly denying any romantic involvement with Sean Penn, they were seen holding hands at the recent Washington Correspondents’ gala dinner in D.C. The duo even walked together to President Obama’s residence, with the actress sporting Penn’s suit jacket over her low-cut grey silk dress to ward off the cold.

Too perfect? Scarlett also sparked debate as to whether she'd been airbrushed in her new Dolce   Gabbana make-up advert, also released last month

Is Scarlett Johansson too good to be true? Some people are questioning the authenticity of her recent Dolce Gabbana make-up ad, suspecting that it may have been airbrushed. Meanwhile, the actress has been spotted getting cozy with Sean Penn at a restaurant in Los Angeles and displaying affectionate body language during a romantic trip to Mexico. Recently, photos of them jogging together have also surfaced. It seems like these two may be more than just friends!

Caught red-handed: Scarlett Johansson and Sean Penn leave the White House in the early hours holding hands

After being spotted leaving the White House hand in hand during the early hours, Scarlett Johansson and Sean Penn were caught in the act.

Look of love?: Scarlett smiles at her rumoured beau as they make their way out of the White House grounds

Scarlett Johansson was spotted smiling at a man rumored to be her boyfriend as they exited the White House grounds. In response to previous dating speculations, a spokesperson for Johansson clarified that the two were just friends and had been for years, conversing mainly about Haiti relief efforts since Johansson is Oxfam’s Global Ambassador. The White House Correspondents’ dinner also saw the attendance of other celebrities such as Donald Trump, Cee Lo Green, Will.i.am, Joan Rivers, America Ferrera, and Bristol Palin.

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