Gal Gadot dons 1920s attire as Diana Prince in new Wonder Woman film, filmed with 300 extras in Trafalgar Square, London.

Gal Gadot, who has landed the role of Diana Prince in the upcoming DC comic book movie Wonder Woman, was recently spotted filming scenes in London. The 30-year-old looked stunning in period dress while shooting with a large group of extras in Trafalgar Square. The scene depicted the celebration of the Armistice following World War One. The entire square was closed for five hours as vintage cars and trucks were seen along with over 300 extras, all dressed in period costume. A video of the scene can be found below.

Superheroine: She's been cast as Wonder Woman's alter-ego, Diana Prince in the upcoming DC comic book movie and Gal Gadot looked beautiful when she was pictured filming scenes in London on Sunday

New dawn: Wonder Woman isn't set to hit cinemas until next year. The film will be based around the origins of the character as many aren't as familiar with her beginnings in comparison to Batman or Superman

Gal Gadot, who is set to play the character of Diana Prince in the upcoming DC comic book movie, looked stunning when she was captured on camera filming scenes in London recently. The actress has been cast as Wonder Woman’s alter-ego and fans are eagerly awaiting the release of the film.

Special time: The 30-year-old was pictured wearing period dress as she filmed with a host of extras in London's Trafalgar Square, in scenes which depicted the celebration of the Armistice following World War One

The 30-year-old actress was captured on camera dressed in vintage attire alongside a group of extras while filming in Trafalgar Square, London. The scene depicted the Armistice celebration after World War One. Gal Gadot, the lead actress, donned a navy overcoat and maroon blouse and had a determined expression on her face, possibly assessing the scene for potential dangers. The film also features Chris Pine and Robin Wright and follows the Amazonian princess as she embarks on a journey to explore the world outside of her island home. In addition, Lucy Davis, known for her role in The Office, was spotted on the set of Wonder Woman looking almost unrecognizable.

Special lady: Created in 1941, Wonder Woman is an Amazonian princess gifted with a wide range of superhuman powers and battle skills.As is typical in the comic book world, the character is a force for good and has faced a vast array of super-villains

One remarkable female hero is Wonder Woman, who made her debut in 1941. She is a princess from the Amazons and possesses exceptional abilities and combat skills that surpass the norm. Being a typical comic book protagonist, she champions for righteousness and has come across various antagonists with extraordinary abilities.

Busy set: The whole of the Square was closed for filming for five hours, as period vintage cars and trucks were seen with over 300 extras, all dressed in period costume 

The Square was shut down for a good five hours due to filming, which featured vintage cars and trucks from a bygone era. More than 300 people were involved in the shoot, all decked out in costumes that fit the time period.

 Wheely good: Roads were filled with the old cars as filming continued throughout the day

The streets were abuzz with vintage automobiles as filming carried on all through the day. It was a sight to behold!

There she is: Diana Prince is the secret alter-ego of Wonder Woman - Lynda Carter (pictured) famously took on the role in the TV series which ran from 1975-1979

Look no further, there she is! Diana Prince may seem like an ordinary lady, but little do people know, she’s the alter-ego of the renowned superhero, Wonder Woman. Lynda Carter famously portrayed the empowering character in the 1975-1979 TV series. However, this time, British actress, aged 43, is taking on a new role as Diana’s best friend, Etta Candy, sporting a new wild and wavy ginger hairdo and an unruly bob haircut. The movie set was adorned with vintage military uniforms and patriotic decorations, featuring red, white, and blue bunting wrapped around the square where Union Jacks were passionately waved. The highly anticipated Wonder Woman film won’t be hitting the cinemas until next year, as it will revolve around the character’s origins. The film aims to introduce the lesser-known roots of the superhero to those less familiar with her backstory in comparison to well-known superheroes such as Batman and Superman.

Ready for action: Leading lady Gal was at the heart of the action in a navy overcoat and maroon blouse. The brunette beauty had a look of determination on her face, possibly assessing the scene for danger

Prepared for adventure: The star performer Gal was right in the thick of things, clad in a stylish navy coat and maroon shirt. With a fierce expression on her face, the striking brunette seemed to be sizing up the situation, on the lookout for any potential threats.

Getting through the schedule: She caught up with the other actors as she continued to film more scenes on the day

Making it through the day’s schedule was a breeze for her as she kept up with her fellow cast members while filming additional scenes.

Close attention to detail: Costume designers helped to dress the stars and made sure there wasn't a hair out of place

And action... One man was pictured sporting a spiky mane and moustache as he got into character

The costume designers were meticulous in their work, ensuring that the actors were impeccably dressed and every strand of hair was perfectly in place. They paid close attention to every detail to ensure that the overall look was flawless.

Vintage: In keeping with the fashion of the time, Lucy Davis covered up in checked coat worn over a burnt orange jacket earlier that day

Lucy Davis went for a vintage look by layering up with a checked coat on top of a burnt orange jacket, which perfectly matched the fashion trends of the era.

Transformed: Lucy Davis, 43, looked almost unrecognisable when she stepped out on the set of Warner Brothers' Wonder Woman on Sunday

A big change: The British actress swapped her golden tresses for a wild and wavy ginger look, cut into an unruly bob

Lucy, who is 43 years old, appeared almost completely different from her usual self when she made an appearance on the set of Warner Brothers’ Wonder Woman last Sunday.

Wonder Woman, a powerful Amazonian princess with extraordinary abilities in combat, was introduced in 1941 and has since become a popular character in the world of comic books. Being a force for good, she has fought against numerous super-villains throughout her journey. Fans are eagerly anticipating her appearance in the upcoming movie, Superman vs Batman, which is set to be released later this year. The cast of the film includes well-known actors such as David Thewlis from Harry Potter, Danny Huston, Ewan Bremner from Trainspotting, and Lena Anaya, a beloved indie actress.

Standing in line: Gal could be seen in a packed crowd of military men as she got to work

As she went about her duties, Gal found herself among a throng of soldiers, waiting in line to complete their tasks. The bustling atmosphere was palpable, with everyone focused on their respective duties.

Lots to look forward to: Fans have already had their appetites whetted by the character's appearance in the trailer for Superman vs Batman, which will be released later this year

There’s a lot to be excited about for fans of this character! They’ve already been given a taste of what’s to come in the upcoming release of Superman vs Batman, thanks to the character’s appearance in the trailer.

A nice gesture: A stand was set up 'In honour of our heroes' to pay tribute to servicemen in the movie 

A kind act was done by putting up a booth labeled ‘In honor of our heroes’ as a way of showing respect and admiration to the military personnel depicted in the film.

A step back in time: Trafalgar Square was barely recognisable as it was decked in its post-War finery 

Taking a stroll down memory lane: Trafalgar Square was almost unrecognizable with its post-WWII embellishments.

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