“Gal Gadot Brings Old Hollywood Vibes to Tiffany & Co.’s NYC Flagship Store Re-Opening with Stunning Velvet Dress”

On Thursday, Gal Gadot graced the grand re-opening of the Tiffany & Co. flagship store in NYC, showcasing her classic Hollywood glam in a strapless black velvet dress. The 37-year-old actress, who is the global ambassador of Tiffany & Co., looked stunning in her chic ensemble featuring a corseted top and voluminous skirt. To complete her elegant look, the Wonder Woman star wore an embellished pair of pointed black stiletto heels and accessorized with a dazzling diamond necklace and delicate bracelet from the iconic jewellery brand. Gal, originally from Petah Tikva, Israel, donned a beautiful up-do hairstyle that complemented her overall glamorous appearance.

Ambassador duties: Gal Gadot, 37, attended the grand re-opening of the Tiffany & Co. flagship store in NYC, on Thursday

During the grand re-opening of the Tiffany & Co. flagship store in NYC, Gal Gadot, 37, looked elegant and sophisticated in a strapless black velvet dress, radiating classic Hollywood glamour as part of her ambassador duties.

Fabulous: The actress looked picture perfect in the stylish frock at the grand re-opening of the Tiffany & Co. flagship store in NYC

Great: The talented actress appeared flawless in the chic dress during the grand unveiling of the Tiffany & Co. main store in New York City.

Sensational: The Wonder Woman star is the global ambassador of Tiffany & Co

Stunning: Gal oozed elegance in her chic ensemble, which boasted a corseted top half and voluminous skirt

Exciting news! The global ambassador of Tiffany & Co, Gal Gadot, stunned in a chic ensemble during her attendance at the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the remodeled store in midtown. Her elegant outfit included a corseted top half and a voluminous skirt that exuded sophistication. The actress was also seen posing with Alexandre Arnault, the son of French business magnate Bernard Arnault, whose family runs the richest empire in the world with a worth over $200 billion. Despite plans for a third Wonder Woman film being cut from the studio’s slate, Gal Gadot has not been fired from the role, according to filmmaker James Gunn, who recently became the new co-head of DC Studios.

Beauties: The brunette beauty wore her locks in a stunning up-do, and accessorised her look with a dazzling diamond necklace from the iconic brand (Pictured with Hailey Beiber)

Gorgeous ladies: The brown-haired stunner rocked an elegant up-style for her hair and completed her outfit with a gorgeous diamond necklace from the renowned brand. (Seen in the photo with Hailey Beiber)

Fun times: Gal blew a kiss towards her friend Blake Lively

It was a moment of fun and playfulness when Gal sent a flying kiss in the direction of her buddy, Blake Lively. The exchange was full of joy and lightheartedness, adding a touch of whimsy to their interaction.

Lush: The actresses smiled happily while posing together for photographs

The female stars beamed joyfully as they stood in front of the camera for some snapshots.

L-R: Gal Gadot, Anthony Ledru, and Victoria Ledru and Gals' husband Jaron Varsano

In the picture, we see Gal Gadot, Anthony Ledru, Victoria Ledru, and Gals’ spouse, Jaron Varsano, posing together.

Gadot tied the knot with her hubby, Jaron Varsano, in 2008. The couple has three daughters – Alma aged 11, Maya aged 5, and Daniella aged 1. Jaron, who is an Israeli businessman, ventured into the entertainment industry as a producer for a few upcoming projects. Interestingly, he also made a brief appearance in his wife’s movie Wonder Woman 1984 as one of the extras on set. Reflecting on their first encounter at a party, Gadot recalled that they bonded over their shared interests in yoga, chakras, and healthy eating.

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