“Excitement for Marvel Fans as Black Widow’s Possible Appearance in ‘Loki’ Trailer Sparks Speculations About Scarlett Johansson’s Return to MCU”

Loki Trailer

Scarlett Johansson

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Marvel fans are going crazy over the latest trailer for ‘Loki’, which features a woman who looks strikingly similar to Black Widow. The two-second shot shows a woman wearing a black tactical suit and red bob, sitting on a purple-tinged planet that appears like Vormir. However, Scarlett Johansson is reportedly done with the MCU after the release of ‘Black Widow’ in 2021, and is said to be “handing the baton” to Florence Pugh. Fans have suggested that it could be Sophia Di Martino, who has been spotted with a similar haircut on the set of ‘Loki’, and may be playing Lady Loki. The show is set to premiere on Disney+ in May 2021 and explores the concept of different realities through the Time Variance Authority.

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